PCB Assembly

From through-hole and mixed technology to ultra-fine pitch surface mount (SMD), SK Electronics can provide the PCB assembly solution you require.

Competitive pricing and fast turnaround helps your business maintain a competitive edge. We have a reputation for process capability and flexibility, as well as high quality products, exceptional customer support and on-time delivery.

With a dedicated production engineering department, and surface mount lines, conventional assembly, chassis wiring, instrument build and functional testing all available on site, we’re confident we can meet your entire production needs.

Services include conformal coating, equipment potting, product configuration, and we can even ship direct to your customer, if necessary.

PCB Assembly by SK Electronics
PCB Assembly services
  • PCB assembly - surface mount assembly including 0402 and BEA MBEA placement and ball grid array (BGA) on multiple lines
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Conventional assembly
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • Chassis assembly
  • Electro mechanical assembly
  • Box build
  • Full functional testing
  • EMC and environmental testing
  • Production engineering support
  • Cable loom and cabinet wiring
  • Full conformal coating and UV coating inspection facilities
  • Final assembly and product packaging
  • Custom ATE systems
  • Burn-in and environmental testing