SK Electronics invest and commission a new Surface mount assembly line.

A minimal operator contact automated line which compromises of;

  • Bare board loader,
  • Inline screen printer with vision accuracy of ±0.0152mm and an integrated 2d solder inspection system,
  • A PCB traverser to feed  either or both lanes of the pick and place machines allowing single or multiple PCB’s to work at high speeds simultaneously
  • Two pick and place machines have a combined IPC 9850 rating of 53K CPH, a placement accuracy down to 25µ, component handling between 0201 – 50mm sq., advanced optics and inspection systems both supporting single and multiple field of vision (FOV)
  • The boards travel through the unleaded 4 zone top and bottom convection reflow oven.
  • The whole process is supported by a dedicated automated optical inspection system (AOI), with a vision system rated at 1.3 Mega Pixels @ 15.9 um/pixel and its high precision micro Stepper drives

The line and its accessories include large board capacity, Multi tray feeder unit, and a maximum capacity of 180 intelligent feeders configured for high flexibility to enable anything from fast turnaround pre-production right through to medium and high volume runs.