Here at SK Electronics we have been fully supporting our front line workers and NHS throughout this whole pandemic from building and creating PPE equipment which we have sent to local NHS trusts and implementing strict social distancing measures and safety measures in our working environment.

Our team here at SK Electronics have really rallied round together in this testing time and as a family we have worked together tirelessly, as you can see our guys are proud of our local town, NHS and all the front line staff.

Recently we were visited by Councillor Fielding, he was very keen to see how SK Electronics were helping in the fight against COVID-19. Our team of engineers have been helping build ventilator system components which has never been more important in today’s climate.

Councillor Fielding also took note of the quality of the manufacturing from our Oldham base with the work we do with London Underground and other large contractors throughout the world.

Click the button below to view a video of his tour and conversations with our directors Alan and Steve.

A big shout out to Innovative Technology of Oldham, they are manufacturing Visors for the Current Covid-19 Crisis.

The Staff have volunteered to do this for free while on Furlough.

They will also supply Visors to Local Companies who enquire about them.

Here’s Tom showing us his new Visor.

Innovative Technology also have a number of face masks available to buy.

Contact Innovative Technology or visit their website for more information

0161 626 9999 or email them on

As part of our Macmillan coffee morning on the 6th September we have some great prizes on offer so make sure you get your tickets! Call in at the office and make sure you head down for the coffee morning where we will make the draw around 1:30pm.

We are holding a Coffee morning on Friday the 6th September 2019 to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Time: 12.00 till 14.00
Place: SK Electronics Ltd Canteen

Tea/coffee cakes £2.00
Cake Raffle
Costume jewellery
Win a cake Guess the height of the cake
Scratch card.
Chill out for a while.
All welcome If you would like to make a donation please send it to Eileen or Julie at SK Electronics.

mcmillan cancer

Did you know SK Electronics Ltd manufactures our own Capacitor Trip unit?

For over 30 Years SKE has designed and manufactured our own Capacitor Trip Unit.

capacitor trip unit close up view of capacitor trip unit

The unit comes in both 110V and 240V Input versions, detailed as below:

  • Metal Enclosure, IP 66 Rated, 300x300x200mm
  • Hinged and Lockable Front Door, either Left or Right Opening (Customer Specific)
  • Removable Chassis Plate
  • Bottom or Top Gland Plate (Customer Specific)
  • Wall mountable, Kit supplied.
  • Output Voltage 110V dc- 155V dc (Max)
  • Capacitor 2200-uf approx’ 14 Joules of energy at 110V.
  • Test Switch and indicator incorporated on the Door for quick and easy field testing.

This unit is supplied to various Electricity Companies and Contractors across the UK.

It is designed to trip the shunt trip coil of a circuit breaker in the event of a power failure to the transformer, thus preventing the transformer accidentally re-energising after the power is restored.

We have many electronic services we provide from our base here in Manchester, why not speak to a member of our team to get the ball rolling with your next project?

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI-Testing)

Automatic or automated optical inspection, AOI, is a key technique used in the manufacture and test of ALL Electronic printed circuit boards (PCB’s) currently manufactured by SK Electronics Ltd. Automatic optical inspection, AOI, enables fast and accurate inspection of electronic assemblies and in particular PCB’s, this is to ensure that the quality of product leaving the production line is high and the items are built correctly and without manufacturing faults.

The need for AOI, Automatic Optical Inspection.

Despite the major improvements that have been made, modern circuits are far more complicated than boards were even a few years ago. The introduction of surface mount technology, and the subsequent further reductions in size mean that boards are particularly compact. Even relatively average boards have thousands of soldered joints, and these are where the majority of problems are found.

This increase in the complexity of boards also means that manual inspection is not a viable option these days. Even when it was an accepted approach, it was realised that it was not particularly effective as inspectors soon tired and poor and incorrect construction was easily missed. With the marketplace now requiring high volume, high quality products to be brought to market very quickly, there is a requirement for very reliable and fast methods of Inspection and Test to ensure that product quality remains high. Therefore, SK Electronics Ltd utilises Automatic Optical Inspection in our Production Process, it is an essential tool in an integrated electronic test strategy that ensure costs are kept as low as possible by detecting faults early in the production line.

SK Electronics Ltd.’s Automatic optical inspection systems are placed into the SMD production lines both before or after the solder process, depending if Glue or Solder Paste is used. In this way they can be used to catch problems early in the production process. This has a number of advantages, due to faults costing more to fix the further along the production process they are found, this is obviously the optimum place to find faults. Additionally, process problems in the solder and assembly area can be seen early in the production process and information used to feedback quickly to earlier stages. In this way a rapid response can ensure that problems are recognised quickly and rectified before too many boards are built with the same problem.

SK Electronics Ltd, also uses Automatic Optical Inspection systems after the Flow Solder Process, this ensures the quality of Wave Soldered PCB’s, for solder quality including Bridges, Dry Joints, Unsoldered joints and placement accuracy.

What do we use?

SK Electronics Ltd made the decision to purchase AOI Machines from Mirtec Europe, who are a Global Leader in Inspection Technology. Due to the manufacturing of a very varied portfolio of Electronic Equipment and PCB’s from a large customer base. We believe the MV-2 and our latest MV-3 Machines are the best and most adaptable Machines for the production processes currently being used by SK Electronics Ltd.


Congratulation to John Robertson and his team at Optosafe on their recent announcement. They have just announced that they are entering into a reciprocal supply and service agreement that allows Optosafe rapid deployment solutions. For more information on this click the button below.

We had a great time for our coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Charity and managed to raise a total of £252.90. We just want to say a big thank you to everyone that joined in and took part making cakes, and a special thanks to Julia and Angela for their hard work in setting in all up.

macmillan coffee morning

We are holding a Coffee morning on Fri 20th October to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Time: 12.00 till 14.00

Place: SK Electronics Ltd Canteen.

Tea/coffee cakes £2.00

Cake Raffle

Costume jewellery

Win a cake Guess the height of the cake

Scratch card.

Chill out for a while.

All welcome If you would like to make a donation please send it to Anglia or Julie at SK.