Did you know SK Electronics Ltd manufactures our own Capacitor Trip unit?

For over 30 Years SKE has designed and manufactured our own Capacitor Trip Unit.

capacitor trip unit close up view of capacitor trip unit

The unit comes in both 110V and 240V Input versions, detailed as below:

  • Metal Enclosure, IP 66 Rated, 300x300x200mm
  • Hinged and Lockable Front Door, either Left or Right Opening (Customer Specific)
  • Removable Chassis Plate
  • Bottom or Top Gland Plate (Customer Specific)
  • Wall mountable, Kit supplied.
  • Output Voltage 110V dc- 155V dc (Max)
  • Capacitor 2200-uf approx’ 14 Joules of energy at 110V.
  • Test Switch and indicator incorporated on the Door for quick and easy field testing.

This unit is supplied to various Electricity Companies and Contractors across the UK.

It is designed to trip the shunt trip coil of a circuit breaker in the event of a power failure to the transformer, thus preventing the transformer accidentally re-energising after the power is restored.

We have many electronic services we provide from our base here in Manchester, why not speak to a member of our team to get the ball rolling with your next project?

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